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Take Care of Your Body and Your Health

Patients are demanding dental care that involves materials that are less toxic and bio-compatible. At Bonita Dental Studio, Dr. Pint offers a variety of options to meet these needs.


Dr. Pint is committed to  protecting  your oral health and overall health. Safe guards are available to that allow you to minimize your exposure to dental materials you feel unsure about.  

BPA-free Composite resin fillings,  Ceramic and Zirconia crowns, and non-fluoridated oral healthcare alternatives are only part of what we offer to the holistic patient at our Bonita Springs office.


Metal Free/Mercury Free Restorations


Silver amalgam fillings are made up of a combination of metals, including mercury. They have been used for decades as a durable metal filling.  Studies report that mercury is extremely toxic and when vaporized, can cross the blood brain barrier. The FDA has set amalgam placement restrictions on certain patient populations.  Many don’t want to risk the exposure when a filling needs to be replaced, and we understand there concerns.


If you have questionable amalgam restorations that need to be replaced, removal should be done with caution.  After a careful analysis of the risks and benefits of amalgam removal are understood, IAOMT smalgam removal protocols are used for your safety!


IAOMT Standard amalgam removal protocols include:


-Utilizing a   rubber dam which greatly reduces the amount of  amalgam particulates that go down the throat.

-Utilizing a suction system that is powerful and efficient and uses a special tip called the “Clean Up,” as recommended by the IAOMT.  The “Clean Up" is an efficient suction system in the oral cavity with a specialized adapter necessary to contain the mercury vapor and amalgam particles.

-Applying copious amounts of water to the filling upon removal. Large amounts of water help contain the mercury vapor and fine particulate matter, as well as, cool the filling.

-Removing the mercury/amalgam filling in large sections. This is accomplished by using a very thin bur and reducing the amount of drilling, therefore the amount of mercury and fine particulates is minimized.

 -Utilizing alternative air sources- breathing fresh Oxygen during the procedure 

-Utilizing  DentAirVac,  A Vacuum which is designed specifically to remove and filter potentially toxic vapors and microbiological contaminants away from the immediate breathing area of the dentist, assistant and patient.

IAOMT- International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

Dr.  Pint is an IAOMT member, and is knowledgeable about the mercury removal issue and takes the removal process seriously.